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For endless adventures, stunning lagoons and warm tropical climate, look no further than the Cook Islands, a modern Polynesian nation of 15 islands scattered across a vast swathe of the Pacific Ocean halfway between Sydney and Hawaii. Voted by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age as the Hottest Destination Pick for 2015, the Cook Islands is also home to the World’s Best Beach and Most Beautiful Lagoon in Aitutaki. The Cook Islands are a favoured holiday destination for romance, adventure, and families alike.

About Cook Islands Social Media Management

When we took over the social media management for Cook Islands Tourism in July 2014 their Instagram account had only 400 followers. Within 12 months, we have developed the account with a 5539% yearly growth rate. Social media is now the lead source for sales leads across all campaigns.

We are addicted to seeing the growth and engagement rate increase across all platforms and our community management is second to none. Social media is always on – which means so are we.

As a part of our social media management, we handle all social platforms, influencer outreach strategy, socially led campaigns, competitions, promotions and events, as well as write their blog to drive SEO keyword search.

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